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Tired of Being Tired (Part 2)

Posted on 10-18-2017

Still tired?  In my last post we discussed the importance of sleep and the effects of a high sugar diet on our energy level.  Chronic fatigue has copious amounts of contributors beyond just ...

Tired of Being Tired? (Part 1)

Posted on 10-04-2017

Why are we so tired?  Something we hear daily is “I’m so tired and when I get home I just want to sleep.”  It has been reported that nearly 2.5 million Americans suffer fro...

Flu Season or Sugar Season?

Posted on 09-21-2017

The flu season is quickly approaching and one hot topic that always comes up is “should I get the flu shot?”  Ultimately, this decision needs to be made by you.  However, there a...

American Heart Month

Posted on 02-13-2017

American Heart Month You may have heard that Heart Disease is the leading cause of death.  According to the CDC website you should schedule a visit with your doctor to talk about heart health,...

15 Years

Posted on 11-07-2016

Dear Patients, My dear friend and business adviser told me I need to start "blogging" as a way to get information out to recurrent and potential patients.  I scoffed.  What ...

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