Urgent update regarding Dr Tobi Jeurink

We regret to report that Dr Tobi was unable to be in the office Monday for scheduled appointments due to a personal emergency.

We’d like to shed some light on that to those who have expressed concern for her and have scheduled appointments.

As many of you know, Dr Tobi is an avid cyclist. Unfortunately, on Sunday, June 30th, as she was cycling with a group, she was struck by a vehicle. The impact threw her from the bicycle causing injury to her clavicle and ribs.

Dr Tobi is at home recovering and will be out of the office as scheduled for vacation until July 10th.

We will have an associate in the office assisting Dr Tobi upon her return.

We appreciate your patience during this time, we will do everything we can to ensure there is minimal disruption in your care.

Furthermore, we appreciate all good thoughts sent her way during her recovery.

P.S. Bike helmets save lives.

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