Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Have you ever noticed that these conditions seem to have multiple overlapping symptoms and none of them have a specific test that is used for an accurate diagnosis?  They are diagnosis of exclusion.  This  means that all other conditions and causes should be considered before a person is labeled with any one of these conditions.  Unfortunately this does not happen very often.  Often I see patients diagnosed with these conditions without even a lab test or exam being ordered or, the opposite, expensive invasive tests have been ordered and the patient is told they are fine because the results of those tests don't lead to a specific diagnosis. 

The symptoms associated with these labels are often directly associated with a combination of to the food we intake, the environmental toxins we are exposed to, genetic vulnerabilities to deficiencies, stress, dysbiosis due to medications, and other mechanisms.  Our goal is to take a complete history and identify the appropriate exams and tests to get the the underlying root of your symptoms. 

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