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  • Your Environment and Your Health
    Allergy season is in full swing now and we have talked about how important it is to eat quality food to limit the effects of the spring air.  Now, it Read more
  • It’s time to HIIT it!
    You have heard that exercise is good and I know in previous posts I have mentioned why it is good.  *cough*, helps with depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more!  Did Read more
  • Does Allergy Season Have to be a Booger?
    We are quickly approaching the end of the sugar/flu season which means allergy season is knocking on our door.  Now is a great time to start thinking about what you Read more
  • Stressing about being stressed?
    Have you ever noticed that admitting you are stressed about work, life, money etc. seems to just increase your stress?  It can seem like it is an endless cycle and Read more
  • Low T Nation
    If you have had your radio or TV on or if you have picked up any fitness/health magazines lately you have probably seen an advertisement for low testosterone clinics.  According Read more
  • Do you remember 2017? Will you remember 2018?
    If you haven’t set your goals for the new year now is the time to put your health at the top and if you have already written them down great Read more
  • The color of our food can be spookier than the ghosts this Halloween.
    I know I said we were going to talk about probiotics and the gut in this post but Halloween is quickly approaching so we need to change direction for a Read more
  • New Lifestyle for the New Year
    Effective ways to attain what you need in 2018. Read more
  • Tired of Being Tired (Part 2)
    Still tired?  In my last post we discussed the importance of sleep and the effects of a high sugar diet on our energy level.  Chronic fatigue has copious amounts of Read more
  • 15 Years
    Dear Patients, My dear friend and business adviser told me I need to start "blogging" as a way to get information out to recurrent and potential patients.  I scoffed.  What do Read more
  • Flu Season or Sugar Season?
    The flu season is quickly approaching and one hot topic that always comes up is “should I get the flu shot?”  Ultimately, this decision needs to be made by you.  Read more
  • American Heart Month
    American Heart Month You may have heard that Heart Disease is the leading cause of death.  According to the CDC website you should schedule a visit with your doctor to talk Read more
  • Tired of Being Tired? (Part 1)
    Why are we so tired?  Something we hear daily is “I’m so tired and when I get home I just want to sleep.”  It has been reported that nearly 2.5 Read more
  • Ohhhh those Omegas!
    Chronic inflammatory conditions continue to rise in the United states. In 2012 researchers found that the most common chronic condition affecting American adults is not just one condition it is multiple conditions Read more
  • Do I need a probiotic?
    YES, YOU DO!!!!Probiotic usage has increased 156% over the past ten years (Pharmacy Times, 2017). What are they? Why are they so important? Can I just eat yogurt?Not all bacteria Read more

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