What to Expect: Your Nutritional Consultation

Our "Nutritional Consultation" is about much more than Nutrition. It encompasses nutrition as well as lifestyle and underlying conditions that are keeping you from feeling your best.

We often get caught up in the idea that we're feeling "fine", both physically and mentally. Some of us have yet to discover how good we can actually feel. Once an issue arises and challenges our state of "fine", this is when we show symptoms. When we experience symptoms, this may indicate a condition or disease that needs to be treated. It is the underlying condition that needs to be addressed, not the symptoms. Once that is addressed, we will experience relief from symptoms. Think this only affects our physical body? Nope, this can affect our mind and spirit as well. Were you aware that some vitamin deficiencies and hormone imbalance can cause anxiety?

This kind of care is a lot like Chiropractic care. You're likely coming in because you are suffering from acute symptoms. Even though we want to take a more comprehensive look, we don't want you to suffer any longer than you need to. As with Chiropractic care, this is a three step process: Relief; Restorative and Wellness (or Maintenance).

On your initial consultation, we allow ample time for Dr Jeurink to take in a full history, perform an exam much like a well check from your primary care physician and evaluate symptoms. We ask that you arrive having fasted for a potential blood draw. Dr Jeurink does not run a standard panel on each person, it is tailored to your specific needs. Sometimes she even recommends alternative or additional testing via stool or saliva sample done in your home at your convenience. She will discuss her recommendations and how they will benefit your healing path. She will then likely make some recommendations for things you can do to start feeling better.

The next visit will be a little shorter and no fasting needed! This will be a discussion of applied recommendations and any lab results. Then onto the next steps to restore your body and mind!

We absolutely believe that you should be an active participant in your path to optimal health. This is a partnership. It can take time, effort, lifestyle changes and dedication. It may seem overwhelming but we know you can do it and we know you're worth it.  No need to sit that "fine" sideline anymore, we want to see you on the starting line of your life!

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