Are We Essential?

Dear Patients,

It’s amazing how our world has seemingly changed in just a few weeks.

Our greatest concern is the health of our families and patients. Sara and I have discussed several times whether or not we should remain open at this time and as we continue to receive calls from patients for not only pain care but also for advice of how best to stay healthy with this current threat, we feel that being here to support your health care needs is truly important.  Chiropractors are considered “essential” and as a Chiropractic Physician I want to keep those in neuromuscular pain and those seeking to remain as healthy as possible out of the other medical offices, so those doctors, nurses and professional staff can focus on the COVID 19 and other urgent cases.

Our office is now screening patients to be sure they have not traveled anywhere that would have put them at an increased risk in the last 2 weeks, they have no fever and have not had symptoms or been around anyone with symptoms.  We will continue to be diligent in our efforts to keep the office sanitized, maintain social distancing (spacing patients out), cleaning adjustment equipment between patients, and bathing in hand sanitizer.

In an effort to be cautious if you are coming in for a maintenance visit, it may be best to reschedule this visit for a later date. Of course, if you are in pain and need our help, we are here for you. We will continue to be available for chiropractic adjustments and medically necessary exam and lab services. If you need supplements Sara is shipping and making local drop offs daily. 

As always, Thank you for putting your health in our hands.  We will get through this together.   Please continue to watch our Facebook page and website for updated nutritional research on how you can best support your immune system. 

In Health and Wellness,

Dr Tobi and Staff

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