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15 Years

Dear Patients,

My dear friend and business adviser told me I need to start "blogging" as a way to get information out to recurrent and potential patients.  I scoffed.  What do I have to say I thought?  Then I realized we all have something to say.  We all have stories that others may find interesting or may give us information in the moment when we need it most. So here goes.... my first blog.

November 15th has always been a special day to me as my mom and her twin sister were born on their parents wedding Anniversary. This meant that my grandparents now were celebrating 4 years of marriage with 4 very young girls in the small farm house where my grandfather was born and later died 94 years later.  This year November 15th marks the end of 15 years that I have been practicing in Gardner and November 16th marks the beginning of 16 years. 

Sometimes there can be significance in numbers. The last 15 years have been nothing short of amazing. I've grown a lot as a person and as a doctor. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a doctor after going through my own health challenges and especially knew that I wanted to be some kind of "natural doctor".   Although I graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2001 it was 2005 when I had my "aha moment" and realized what I really wanted to do with my life.  I had never heard of Dr. Jack Kessinger before but he was giving a lecture on how to treat all kinds of conditions with natural medicine, diet and exercise.  I thought I was already doing that.  After all I was doing labs in the office and we were suggesting supplements, and I was already teaching lab diagnosis at Cleveland Chiropractic College.  I figured I might get a little more information out of the class and I needed Continuing Education credits to maintain my license anyway so I might as well go. I had never heard of Chiropractic Internist until that class, but 1 hour in and I was hooked.  I knew this was truly the specialist I wanted to be.  Thus began a 10 year plus educational journey that changed my life and the lives of many of our patients. 

So.... Chiropractic Internist.  What does this mean for you, the patient, or prospective patient?  You thought Chiropractors only worked on backs?  Actually all Chiropractors are trained in anatomy, physiology and pathology of the entire body, but most specialize in the biomechanical aspects.  A Chiropractic Internists undergoes specialized training to diagnose and treat internal conditions using diet, exercise, and nutritional support at a holistic level.   It means when you present with a concern we will work to identify all of the underlying issues that may be causing your illness/pain/concern and develop a plan that goes beyond treating symptoms.   We evaluate labs and tests with a different perspective and instead of waiting for a disease to take over we try to head it off at the pass.  The more common term you may have heard this referred as is Functional Medicine.  Our goal is that you FUNCTION at an OPTIMAL level.  

 For those of you that have been in my care over the last 15 years I want to especially thank you for your patience as I became a better adjuster and especially as we transitioned the practice into a Wellness Center.   You have been continually supportive and that you would literally put your health in my hands is a true honor.   I promise to you I will continue to evolve to try to be the best Chiropractic Physician I can be. 

As a small token of our appreciation we are offering 15% off all supplements and pillows in November.  Just use the discount code "15 years" when you pickup supplements or place an order.

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